Wisdom Ministries, Dr. Nasir Siddiki
Wisdom Ministries, Dr. Nasir Siddiki


  1. I want to share with you that Denise and I received a $10,000 harvest today.  We have been seeing lots of blades and now the actual fruit.  Praise the Lord – We got it and now we get it!  Roy & Denise, Ontario, Canada

  2. We always had a desire to start a business in video production.  My wife and I both have years of experience in that field.  But we knew that the startup costs were expensive and we were determined to do it without putting ourselves into debt.  So, we did what we knew best and that is simply praying and confessing over our business plan.  A few months passed and we attended a service where you ministered to our church about seed, time, and harvest.  I can’t express how much your message truly blessed my family.  At the end of your message you shared how God had placed it upon your heart to raise money for the Kingdom and build a TV ministry to reach millions of people.  When it came time to sow, my wife and I looked at each other and simply nodded our heads in agreement.  We knew that sowing into this particular area would reap an uncommon harvest.  It was as if the Holy Spirit literally said, “This is your chance if you’re really serious about starting your video production company.”  We sowed our last bit of money from our checking account; it was good seed because we knew the Holy Spirit told us to sow it.  About a week later my wife’s boss asked me to film a program for her non-profit organization.  I told her that we would love to but that it may be a while because we have to save and buy the equipment.  After asking the cost she said, “I will pay for all the equipment you need to start your business in exchange for the service I’m requesting.”  Praise the Lord!  My wife and I saw the harvest grow instantly before our eyes!  Within that month our video production company was in profit mode and operating debt free!  Because we did something uncommon with our offering, God blessed us with an uncommon opportunity to start a debt free business.  Thank you for sharing that message!  James & April, New Jersey

  3. I sowed a two thousand dollar seed for our Barber Shop.  Since then we have been richly blessed with many new customers, and past customers that have left, both locally and from out of state, are now returning.  Praise God, glory to Jesus!  Elizabeth, Florida

  4. Praise God!  I planted a seed of $5 into this ministry which was my last $5 at the time.  I was believing for 100 fold on seed sown.  I was blessed with an unexpected check for $500 in 3 days after planting seed.  Carol, Oklahoma

  5. When you were here in March, we used our tax return and planted a $2000 seed to be debt free.  In August, we received 60 fold return, an inheritance of $123,000.  We were able to pay off most of our debt, with the exception of some of our mortgage.  We also planted even larger seeds, and put some toward our Vision 5000 investing.  Ron & Karen, Oregon

  6. Before the morning service I wrote a check for $300 as my offering when you were teaching in Alexandria, Louisiana.  When the offering was taken, the Lord spoke to me to give $1,000, which I did.  That evening God told me to sow the $300 check I wrote previously.  I sowed a total of $1,500 that day.  The next day I picked up my tax returns from my CPA.  My refunds totaled $5,997.  Hallelujah!  Thank you, Dr. Siddiki, for bringing this message to our church.  Don, Louisiana

  7. Many, many thanks for your teaching on TBN that saved my life.  I nearly committed suicide when my heart told me to tune to your program and you were preaching on “The Harvest Twins-Faith and Seed”.  I had a lot of debt to pay and had no other way in my own understanding but to die.  But thank God that you spoke in my life and I gave my life to Christ the same day.  L.M.K., Zambia

  8. Received healing on Saturday at the 7PM healing service.  I came straight from the hospital to the service with a cane.  When you prayed for me it was like I was floating on a cloud and I left my cane on the podium.  I have not needed it since.  I am walking out my healing.  I am getting stronger every day.  I am testifying to everyone I meet about what God has done for me!  My family is shocked and excited!  They know I was practically bedridden for the past 3 years…  D.C., Oklahoma

  9. I sowed a $1,000 seed believing God to meet my needs.  I was then blessed with a sales job earning salary, commissions and benefits.  I once again sowed another $1,000 seed.  Shortly after I was offered a better job with a $25,000 a year increase in salary, plus commissions and great benefits.  Praise God!  Sheri, Oklahoma

  10. I came that evening to learn how to invest and that night I learned that the greatest investment I can make is to invest in God.  Making a long story short, my business is real estate investing and for the last two months I have been held down for one reason or the other by these mortgage lenders and my deals would not close.  Coming into church that night I turned my cell phone off so that I could focus on what the Holy Spirit had to say.  My spirit was moved to confess my sin as a God robber and make a vow to God to pay my tithe and offering.  As church ended and my spirit feeling high on God I left knowing that everything was alright, a peace came over me.  As I turned my phone on it immediately let me know a message was waiting and the caller let me know that the buyer had a “clear to close” on their mortgage loan.  I said, “Thank you God for all your blessings,” and by 11pm that evening I received another call saying the second buyer had a “clear to close” on their mortgage loan.  I credit this to none other than confessing my sin to God and vowing to pay my tithes and offerings.  Glory be to God!  Thank you for following the Holy Spirit… Craig, North Carolina

  11. I am writing to thank you for the tremendous deposit that you left at our church.  Our ministry will never be the same after having received the impartation and the anointing from your ministry. Many positive things have taken place in our ministry. Here are a few: Our general offerings have increased and held steady by 30%. There has been an effect on me personally, as well as the body as we have shifted to a more intense focus on rightly dividing the Word. Our instruction times have been taken to another dimension. I have highly recommended you and your ministry to churches across the nation.  Pastor Lonnie, Michigan

  12. About a month ago I sowed a seed and sent a prayer request for a special breakthrough for our mortgage.  After qualifying for the mortgage we had to come up with the 10% of $205,000.  With God’s favor my dad gave me some land to cover the down payment.  However, we did not plan on having to pay an additional 2% ($4,100) in stamp duties.  Well, we didn’t have that money and I was inspired to sow a seed in this ministry after watching a TV broadcast and listening to some internet broadcasts on your site.  Well, about a week after, the bank approved the additional ($4,100) by accepting the value of the furniture in the house we were buying.  The banks normally only accept the unfurnished value of the house but to God be the glory…  Devon and Alice, Cayman Islands

  13. My family has been Catholic since the 1600’s.  While the fact that my family has and is participating in worship is a blessing, the Catholic faith has not fulfilled me or my life.  I am new to Bible based services and teachings and I am joyful, happy and excited to learn from Dr. Nasir Siddiki.  Wisdom Ministries is now my Home Page!  I am filled with a sense of urgency and hunger for more of God’s Word and loving promises.  God’s blessings continue to pour forth on this ministry and all who hear the Word of God!  Denise, Texas

  14. In July 2005, I began having swelling and pain in both my hands and wrists.  By October, I could not walk or care for myself without assistance.  After going to several doctors over two months, at the age of 33, I was diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, jaws, knees, ankles, and feet.  According to the rheumatologist, my case was so severe that if I did not immediately start taking the injections, plus pills and steroids, I would be permanently crippled within three to six months.  Of course, it was difficult as I had children to care for, a full-time job and a rather comfortable life…As things got desperate and we were losing hope, God led us to Wisdom Ministries.  Dr. Siddiki was on TBN giving his testimony.  My mother called me and made me watch.  I cried as I listened to his testimony.  Mom immediately went to the website and ordered the magazine.  It was the article on his wife that gave me hope because it took years before her healing manifested.  I had to carry the magazine with me everywhere I went.  I had to read Mrs. Siddiki’s story to restore hope and life.  Her story was an inspiration to me.  As I began to live again, mom bought more and more of the CDs for us to listen to.  Because of Wisdom Ministries, I am proud to say that I am learning to walk in the authority that was given me by my Father as I command my body to line up with the Word of God.  The road has not been easy, but with your teaching, it has been easier.  Thank you Wisdom Ministries for being obedient and sharing the revelation to the healing mystery.  Three years later, I am now self-employed with an accounting and income tax business, while balancing a home life and caring for my children.  Life was restored to me and my family because Dr. Siddiki shared the testimonies of him and his wife.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Rachel, Louisiana

  15. You have changed my life in so many ways.  I was so worried about how I was going to pay for school this year, but I heard you speak in Philadelphia about planting your seed.  I gave what I could and a few days later I got a check in the mail from a family member to help me pay for my last year of school.  I also heard the story about your wife giving away her clothing…That next day I went to my closet and just started packing up my clothing and gave them to a center to help fight against domestic violence.  A week or so later my grandmother gave me $1000 to go shopping.  I am not only listening for the Word of God, but I am following even if I want to “do my thing.”  Thank you so much for your wonderful words, I will carry them with me always.  L. J., Washington, D.C.

  16. Thank you…I have also gone back to tithing at my church as well.  Please continue to pray for me and I am praying for you and your ministry as well.  Thank you again for being my prayer partner.  Judie, New York

  17. Words cannot express the depth of my thanks for and joy I received from this website.  I live and feed on it literally and I have been referring my friends to it.  I have joined the Wisdom Conference…and it has taken me to another level.  I can think of no other way to impact a person’s life than through teaching Spirit led revelation from the Word of God…Wisdom Ministries is very good ground helping the sons of God to be revealed and I am excited and now dedicated to sowing into it.  Ruth, Trinidad and Tobago

  18. Your teaching on reaping and sowing has totally changed my approach to life.  I saw you on Rod Parsley and sowed $14.  Being on disability from my job, I was concerned about paying my rent.  That same week, after sowing, I received a check from my job for $243.  I immediately re-sowed $31 into ministries.  The next week I received a check for $472.  Now that my rent is paid, I can’t wait to sow more seed toward your ministry.  C. W., Ohio

  19. Praise God!  Dr. Siddiki visited our church and helped revolutionize my view of Biblical economics.  He mentioned his desire to reach the Muslim community by television.  My wife and I yearned to help.  “This message needs to reach the world,” we thought; our checkbook said something different.  Knowing God gives seed to the sower, she and I touched in agreement for $1000.  After the service, I hadn’t walked three rows from my seat before I was handed a $1000 check!  The seed is in the ground and the Word is being preached!  Logan, Kentucky

  20. I was at a seminar with Dr. Siddiki and all I can say is wow!  The teaching was incredible, but when it came time to make an offering I started getting really uncomfortable.  I prayed about it and an amount was placed on my heart.  I said, “Lord, I can’t afford that much, that’s a bill that needs to be paid.”  I wrote my check and the whole time I’m saying to myself, “You can’t do this.”  I ended up leaving that service with my check still in hand.  All day it weighed on my heart and mind.  I am a tither and I have sown and seen results, but I just kept telling myself, “You can’t give that much right now.”  When I came back for the evening service, I placed that envelope in the offering bucket and said, “Okay Lord, it’s in your hands.”  The next morning, I was at work about 10 minutes when I was offered a promotion that will increase my salary by $5000-$10,000 a year.  Praise God!  Teri, New York